Fit 30


Personal Training

Fit30 mixes all the best attributes of some of the most loved programs in the world with a convenience like no other. You will receive a 30min well programmed full body workout from a certified personal trainer. This high energy experience will leave you feeling great and sure you had an amazing workout. And there is no need to worry about being there at a certain time. We can work you in to each class whenever you are ready. 6:13am, 5:18pm.... No problem! A coach will be there ready to get you started with your 30 minute class. We will also offer you a complimentary one on one training session when you come in for your first Fit 30 class.

Come try us out for a week, 100% on us.


Our Personal Trainers are the most caring and knowledgeable trainers in the industry. Our trainers are certified in one of 8 top level certifications and many have multiple high level certifications, as well as many specialty certifications, which give them knowledge in rehab, nutrition, strength training, conditioning, kettlebells, TRX, just to name a few. This makes our trainers very well rounded to help you accomplish any fitness goal.